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Yellow Fury GK103

With its advanced design, the Fury Yellow goalkeeper gloves offer goalkeepers the ability to make quick and precise saves, giving them an edge on the field. The silicone-like backhand elements and German latex construction allow for superior grip and control, giving goalkeepers the confidence to make those game-saving stops. The gloves also provide extra protection, reducing the risk of injury and allowing goalkeepers to focus on their performance.

The modern velcro strap cuff and comfortable fit ensure that the gloves stay in place during intense play, and the increased durability means that they will withstand the rigors of regular use. Whether training or playing in a match, the Fury Yellow gloves provide goalkeepers with the tools they need to succeed. With their superior performance and stylish design, they are a must-have for any goalkeeper looking to take their game to the next level.

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100% customizable as per demand

  • Latex: 4 mm SUPREME AQUA CONTACT PLUS + 4 mm of backing foam.
  • Finger fit: Negative/Roll.
  • Fix Fit System: silicone palm inserts for a skin-tight feeling on the ball.
  • Backhand: the back follows the hand outline for more comfort, while the rubberized inserts make fist play even more productive.
  • Model color: Yellow/White/Black.
  • Protective inserts: no.


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